14 September 2013


  ActOfKilling2013. Totallyriveting. Thought to myself, They need to pay for this. USPresidents and USGovernments will endure what the defendants ofNumbergTrial had to endure.
  ThisIsTheEnd2013. Watched it because there was nothing to do. Mostboring. After Watching it, Walked toUHDstudyroom. Had difficulty studying, because the movie made me tired.
  RoadHouse194?. The usual UScrimemovie in the1940s.
  Watched a video ofStephenKing at SavannahGABookFestival, 19feb2012. He's been bitching about thefilmversion since it was released. What a fucking asshole. This defamation reveals his character. It greatlydisconcernts me that the writer of his fame and stature is so base and disgusting. MickeySpillane, who is one of themostdepicable writer that have ever existed, complained aboutKissMeDeadly1955 until he fucking died. JamesEllroy, who lives in his own little world and can never think outside ofLAPD and LASheriff'sDepartment, has never grown up, not really. Let him talk about that fucking cuntmother of his until he fucking dies. He is obssessed withJohnFKennedy and other american presidents, because he thinks he is the emperor of the world.
  04sep2013.wed. theBeckerBook. Had a conversation with the owner aboutGeorgeHerbertWalkerBush. He hung a photograph ofBush and his wife on the electionday. He defendedBush'sGulfWar on the ground that Kuwait was a sovereignty of theUS and it had a treaty, which allows it to intervene withSaddam'sinvasion. He regards theInternationalCourtOfJustice, InternationalLaw, UNGeneralAssembly as insignificant and ridiculous. He expressed his belief elitist that theLaw should be insulted from the public. Naturally, he was in favour of widening the gap between the rich and the poor. Thought that he didn't realise that he supports digging his own grave and that of his wife. He is the kind of man that supports a Government no matter what. He sincerelybelieves that theUS has a capitalistsystem and Democracy. He doesn't realise that he has been completelybrainwashed on the subject.
  14sep2013. FinishedAtEndOfDay byGeorgeVHiggins.secondtime. His description of bodylanguage is amazing, which I didn't notice thefirsttime.

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