18 September 2013


  Euclid.Elements. It is verydifficult to prove what is selfevident. Another way. Ignore the proof given by the author. State in my language or use proof by authors of later generations. Difference between demonstration geometric and algebraic. Latin and classicalgreek essential to master. One figure per proposition, Figure must be themostsimple or themostfamiliar. Memory delights in brevity. True. Truer words were never spoken. Ya mean? Ya mean? Gnomesaying? Gnomesaying? Ninetyeighttimes, that's toomanytimes. What are you, from theDepartmentOfGnomesSaying? You count how many times I say gnomesaying, gnomesaying? We ain't saying no. We're just saying gnomesaying, gnomesaying? What the hell is this guy saying? Some people think I'm making in this rapgame. Gnomesaying? I can feel that it is becoming moreclear.
  Who knows where they come from? Newton inventedGravity because some asshole hit him with an apple.

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