13 August 2013


  13aug2013. SkimmedNecessaryIllusionsThoughtControlInDemocraticSociety. Found a way to persuade everyone how the entire films in theHistory ofHollywoodCA are the products ofStatepropaganda. It will also apply toComicBooks, VideoGames, Television.Fiction, and Novels. It is completelyunderstandable why JamesEllroy supports Racism, Sexism, policebrutality, Stateviolence, economicInjustice and opposes freeinternet and freeaccess to information. Also, why StevenSoderbergh considers himself pragmatic and the opponent of power in a veryselfserving way and how he spontaneouslyconcocts rationalisations to persuade himself and others of various arguments. I need to completelyreconstruct my Moral- and Ethic-Philosophy. It will undermine the great directors in theUS, who deserve respect for their abilities, e.g. Scorsese, Spielberg, Lucas, RidleyScott, TonyScott, Hitchcock, Ford, Hawks, Tarantino, Friedkin, DavidLean, Carpenter, Huston, Fincher, Altman, Fuller, and many others. Warfilms. Westerns. Horrorfilms. Crimefilms. Thebullshitargument that people watch movies to relax themselves does not work any more, because the suffering of the victims are too great. Some of the above change their lines veryeasily, as is usual with people inHollywoodCA.

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