28 August 2013


  OnCNN. Imminent attack toSyria. Mostlikely it will happen.
  Still need morebookshelves. Steelcabinet?
  Tomorrow, movingcompany.
  Read the article written byAndrewWallenstein. It is probable that he doesn't give a shit about people inSyria. To him, the number of visitors is moreimportant than the content of the article. That is why CaitlinKaluza and the rest of the cunts are fucked. Fucking disgusting rationalisation. "Before wringing your hands raw over online news, consider that this is a temporary state of affairs. We’re still in the infancy of Internet content delivery, and there’s going to be plenty of innovation in the years ahead. The notion of a home page as one curated idea that the masses consume alike has already begun to be replaced by a more algorithm -driven, personalized approach. No two home pages are the same. If you like your news Miley-free, your browser history will make that clear to your news provider of choice, which will filter what content options you receive based on your behavioral data."

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